Treatment of Lichen Sclerosis


The following is a note from one of our customers with respect to their condition and the use of ENDOR™ 3.5. – Dr. Iraj

“Hello Dr Iraj,

Thank you for your product ENDOR 3.5.

I have used it on an area of my body that has been inflamed and very uncomfortable for many years. I had been using steroid creams for a very long time with not a lot of success.

This cream has soothed and reduced my inflammation quite significantly. I still have flare ups but I can get on top of it again really quickly.

I think I will always have this condition to a certain degree but at least now I have a more positive solution which enables me to live my life without so much discomfort.

Thank you Dr Iraj for your drive and expertise to improve people’s lives in making this wonderful product. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”