Our Research has led to the discovery of an active compound produced by the immune system, that showed great promise for the symptomatic relief of a number of immune-related conditions, such as eczema and rosacea.

It has taken many years to identify this compound and to include it in products for these conditions.

Early work was focused on producing this compound and incorporating it in various forms, for treatment of immunologically related conditions. However, in 2013, we found a way of delivering the basic ingredients to this compound to the body, allowing the body to convert these ingredients / precursors into the active compound. This was the breakthrough that we had been waiting for and for the first time, we were able to consider making products to treat these conditions, without using pharmaceutical drugs in our formulations. We simply use natural precursors to the active compound in the formulation and allow the body to convert the amount it requires, hence reducing the risk of side effects. This has been developed as oral capsules named, ENDOR Dermatitis Care Capsules.

We are developing products to treat the symptoms and lesions as well as products to address the underlying issues leading to the condition. Our products are well tolerated, without side effects and can be used prophylactically (used on a regular basis) without any associated side effect.

ENDOR™ products may be used as often and as much as required and in our experience, over time, one will have fewer episodes and flare-ups.

ENDOR™ has been formulated to provide a protective barrier, to enable the skin to rehydrate and moisturise. Because ENDOR™ works through natural healing processes, it does take a minimum of 10 days before any major change is observed. However, it has an almost immediate effect on the skin, by stopping the itchiness and relieving the dry chapped feel.

We have developed other products, that are based on the same discovery of this natural anti-inflammatory compound and continue to develop new products. To read more about our ENDOR™ products, please click here.