William – Eczema on Baby

“Thank you GNP for allowing our Son to finally have a peaceful night’s sleep!

Our 5 month old Son has had terrible skin from week 1. His skin was dry, rough and would continually break out into big splotches of red lumps at the first sign of heat which were obviously extremely itchy. We have tried multiple laundry powders including pure soap with minimal results. We have used moisturisers, specialised skin creams and the mildest baby shampoos available to no avail. The only way we could settle his skin was to use steroidal based creams as prescribed to us.

The last 4 weeks however have been the most peaceful and enjoyable weeks of his life all thanks to your cream. His skin has gradually improved after only a few days of use and has gone from feeling like dried out leather to being soft and supple as you would expect a baby’s skin to be. He spends his days laughing and playing instead of scratching and everyone is sleeping better now!

Thanks GNP from all 3 of us!”