Mumma OJ – Eczema

“Thank you for the opportunity to review Endor cream.
I started using Endor on an eczema flair up on my foot.  It was very itchy and had become red and sore.  Using this cream at first, I thought that it was too runny, all other creams I have tried have been very thick and leave a film over your skin.  After a couple of days, I grew to love the fact it was such a thin, light cream – it really is silky smooth.  It took about 5 days of constant use for my skin to be less angry and less itchy, but once that had cleared the skin started healing very fast.
I actually started using this as a hand cream once I didn’t need to use so much on my foot, it is so softening to the skin. Knowing that it does not contain nasties made me feel okay about this.
I do not have eczema to the severity of some people, but for mild eczema I can really recommend this cream, it just feel so nice.”