Kate – Plaque Psoriasis

The following is a review written by our customer, who has been suffering from plaque psoriasis. – Dr. Iraj

Hi, my name is Kate & I would just like to share my AMAZING results using the capsules for my plaque psoriasis I’ve been suffering with for the past 6 years! I started taking them & using the 3.5 cream & exfoliate stuff on the 19th Nov!

Unfortunately I lost my before photos, so only have the photos I have taken lately (you can clearly tell in the photos though where the scarring is, that that’s where all the plaque psoriasis was) it was really severe! That patch of dead skin left on my knee, was literally so much worse & was like that all over those scars that are left! HUGE sore & really red & inflamed! It was bad.. my legs were the worst & they were incredibly sore 🙁 I had literally tried everything too.. from steroid creams, lotions & potions, even resorted to the lethal methetraxate! Which worked for a while, but took a horrible toll of my body! Other pills, diet.. everything! It was all just a quick fix & nothing worked longterm.

I’m so happy with these results! These photos really don’t do it any justice, it was really bad.. I was so depressed & anxious about what people thought. I’ve covered my body for so long now, it’s just the normal thing for me to do! I’m finally feeling confident in my own skin again! 🙂 it’s truly amazing, it has given me my life back! I’d become such a recluse, always made excuses as to why I couldn’t go out or see people, hiding away from the world, ashamed & embarrassed of my skin 🙁 but now I am actually doing things again & going out without worrying/stressing about my horrible, ugly skin!

I was so skeptical, I had lost all hope in anything working for me really.. but seriously, since taking the capsules, I noticed a difference in the first week! & it just keeps getting better 🙂 blew me away how well it has worked & how good the results were!

It’s the little things; like being able to play on the ground with my little one without my knees cracking, bleeding & absolutely killing me to do so! Finally being able to actually think about, for the first time; taking my boy to swimming lessons! 🙂 this makes me really happy! Not covering my hands all day everyday, feeling like Band-Aids were the only way to hide my hideous red, cracked & scaly skin! Shaving my legs! Haha it’s been so long. Oh gosh, it’s everything. No one gets it unless you suffer from it.. It is truly debilitating, depressing & life altering stuff!

I’m 31 years old, never had any skin issues in my life before hand & didn’t want to go on forever living like that! That’s why your products, the creams as well, have seriously been a god send to me, & has helped me in more ways than you can ever imagine…

I am so grateful I have found something natural, good for me, that works & I can continue taking forever! Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart! I’m back to my happy, healthy self again & I love it.. with a little way to go with my scarring & last bit of dead skin, I am positive I finally control over this horrible skin condition & can be happy & confident in my own skin again! <3 thank you x

– Kate, January 2019.