Clint – Rosacea and Steroid Withdrawal

The following is a review written by our customer, who has been suffering from severe Rosacea and subsequently from steroid withdrawal, onto the Rosacea Support Group website. – Dr. Iraj

“Ok so I have suffered from rosacea for 20 years and I have tried all the creams and rituals that go with it, from turmeric to metrogel and back down to soolantra and I have 3 words for you all ENDOR3.5, ENDOR3.5, ENDOR3.5!!!!! For almost 20years I couldn’t wear a black shirt as I would end up looking like a lamington, oh I also have psoriasis as well. Should I say, had psoriasis 🙂 I’m sure this cream has had a mention on here before but I am here to say that this stuff is amazing!! At first my skin was withdrawing from all the steroid creams I have used in the past and I had flaking skin all over my face, there was no eye contact with anyone while I was like this i’ll give you the tip!!! It says you will see a difference with ENDOR3.5 cream after 10 days, everyone is different and it took almost a solid month for me. I still use this cream by the way. What I am so impressed about is the fact that the DR who makes it answered all my emails and stuck with me even when I would send him photo’s of me at 4 in the morning (via email) of my face flaking to bits!! I was freaking out but he told me to hang in there so I did and now I have my confidence back (dance2) Guys and girls this stuff is amazing and I will leave the link here so you can copy and past in your browser I am on here because I told this DR that if this stuff works I would scream it out to the world, so here I am!!!!!! This is my first stop of many. Everyone needs to know about and try this stuff out. Give it a month, what do you have to lose, honestly what?? You don’t have to wake up every morning making sure all the skin is off your face before you leave for work anymore!!! My redness has died right down and no more flaky skin, not to mention, it’s all natural ingredients. Please if you have any questions just ask me, this ENDOR3.5 will change lives!!!!!!!!!”

To see the link on the Rosacea Support Group, please click here.