ENDOR™ Products for treating Rosacea:

ENDOR™ contains the precursors to an active compound that signals the overactive immune response back to normal levels. Rosacea is an autoimmune condition, where the person’s own immune response, once activated, remains activated and attacks the body’s own molecules. In the case of rosacea, this is manifested as red skin around the face. There are several types of rosacea and some are associated with pimples, known as adult acne.

ENDOR™ Cream and ENDOR™ 3.5 are absorbed through the skin barrier, delivering the precursors to local immune cells and, if the immune system is not being dampened, the active compound, that signals the activated immune response back to base line. ENDOR™ Cream and ENDOR™ 3.5 will calm the irritated skin and relieve the dry, chapped, flaky itchy skin. It will also reduce the inflamed appearance of the skin.

ENDOR™ Cream and ENDOR ™ 3.5 do not have any known side effects and can be used as often and as long as necessary. You may also use them as a general face cream for general maintenance of rosacea.