FOR BEST RESULTS For Psoriasis package

ENDOR™ products require a functioning immune response so that it can make the active compound, that will bring the immune response to baseline.┬áDo not take any drugs or products that lower your immune system, when using ENDOR products.

  • 1 tub of ENDOR™ Dermatitis Care

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition and it is important to treat the condition from the inside as well as treat the lesions from the outside. The dermatitis care capsules contain multivitamins, as well as the precursors to the ENDOR™ active compound. They are specially coated to dissolve in the small intestine and not in the stomach. This protects the ingredients from the stomach enzymes and acids and are released in the small intestine, where they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

  • 1 bottle of ENDOR™ Exfoliant

ENDOR™ Exfoliant is a gentle exfoliation wash to exfoliate the skin and remove the dead skin barrier in psoriasis. It also contains the basic ingredients to the ENDOR active, in order not to induce an immune response and cause a flareup. It is very important to exfoliate the psoriasis plaques to assist with the absorption of the treatment creams.

  • 2 tubes of ENDOR™ 3.5

ENDOR™ 3.5 is 3.5 times stronger than ENDOR™ cream. To effectively treat the psoriasis lesions, it is important to first exfoliate with ENDOR™ Exfoliant in order for the ENDOR™ 3.5 cream to better penetrate the skin. Apply ENDOR™ 3.5 cream generously on the affected area at least twice per day for 10 days. If the symptoms are more severe, apply ENDOR™ 3.5 cream as many times as required. It is very important, that in the first instance, you use ENDOR™ 3.5 cream for a minimum of 10 days to see a significant result. ENDOR™ 3.5 cream does not have any known side effects and can be used liberally as many times as necessary.

  • 3 tubes of ENDOR™ Cream

ENDOR™ Cream is for treatment of mild to moderate Psoriasis and for managing the lesions. After the psoriatic lesions are less angry, after treatment with ENDOR™ 3.5 cream, use ENDOR™ cream.

  • 1 bottle of ENDOR™ Gentle Wash

ENDOR™ Gentle Wash is a gentle wash, without causing an immune reaction and potential flareup. Use the gentle wash as face and body wash.