In order to achieve best results, it is important to do the following:

  • Apply ENDOR™ Rosacea cream generously on your face and gently rub on the skin. It is important that ENDOR™ Rosacea cream is applied twice per day onto the skin.¬† If the symptoms are more severe, apply ENDOR™ Rosacea cream as many times as required.
  • It is generally expected that you will see a significant improvement in your skin after the first 10days of use, however, you should maintain using ENDOR™ Rosacea cream on a regular basis. ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream is well tolerated and there are no side effects associated with its long term use.
  • ENDOR™ Rosacea cream calms red inflamed skin,¬†helps reduce skin itchiness associated with this condition.
  • It is also very important that you apply ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream on clean skin and gently rub it in on the affected area.
  • We recommend that you use ENDOR™ Facial Cleanser first to clean the skin and then apply the ENDOR™ Rosacea cream.