There are many types of treatment used to treat arthritis. In most instances painkillers (analgesics) are used to manage the pain, however the analgesics used have many side effects. If taken orally, they lead to stomach ulcers and increase the chances of heart attack.

Other treatment strategies often include use of steroidal products, to dampen the immune response, to reduce the swelling around the joints and improve movement. Once again, the use of steroidal products are associated with side effects and the patient develops a tolerance to the drug and the dosage is increased.

The other product that is widely used for the more severe forms of arthritis is Methotrexate. This is one of the mainstay drugs for the treatment of arthritis. There are side effects associated with this drug, however, in the absence of other effective products without side effects, the benefit versus side effects of Methotrexate is considered as an acceptable drug for the management of arthritis.

ENDOR™ Arthritis Gel contains the precursors to the ENDOR™ active compound, which the person’s own immune system can produce. This will in turn calm the overactive immune response. It also contains other natural anti-inflammatory and lubricating compounds, calming the inflammation where applied.

The combination of these ingredients provide a gentle warming of the area and calming of the inflammatory response, which helps lubricate the jointreduce swelling and the pain associated with Rheumatoid ArthritisPsoriatic ArthritisOsteoarthritis and generally painful joints.